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And your intranet becomes an. all-in-one. app. Blink’s employee engagement app modernizes the intranet and tears down the silo between the office and the frontline.

Understanding how to use the internet, intranet, and extranet helps to keep your resources secure and in the right place. Intranet vs Internet explained. An intranet. is a local, private network that only people within an organization can access.

Traditional intranets can exacerbate feelings of isolation, while a modern intranet helps to protect staff against this risk. Intranets represent a safe, secure space for staff to engage with each other and with management.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the changing face of the company intranet and examine the features and benefits of a new and improved modern intranet. Contents. Intranets: then and now. Why you need a modern intranet. Features of a modern intranet.

Yes, social intranets are still relevant — here's how to use one. A social intranet is a private, secure network that only your company’s employees can access, but it has the added benefits of social features.

But there’s a lot of variation between different intranet software. As we’ll see in a moment, older intranets are a world away from the modern versions many companies use today. Why is it important to improve your company intranet?

Companies routinely spend thousands of dollars setting up custom employee. intranets. because of the widespread assumption that setting up an employee intranet is a long, tedious process best handled by tech experts. Why?

If you’re in the market for the best CMS for intranet, take a look at our recommendations below. The best CMS intranet for 2023 roundup: 1. Blink.

The 8 modern intranet features your company needs. A list of modern intranet features your company needs to thrive today. From secure chat to a CMS, make sure your intranet is effective. Intranets. are changing.

17 best intranet software and solution providers reviewed. In-depth reviews of the best intranet software providers for 2024. Providers include Blink, Workplace, Confluence, Workvivo, Interact, and more. Looking for employee intranet software?

HR & Wellbeing. Rewarding. CRM Solutions. HR & Wellbeing. for frontline teams. Blink. And everyone's. connected. engaged. productive. happier. connected. The employee super-app that engages every employee and puts everything you need in one place. Book you

11 intranet content ideas to boost employee engagement. 11 ideas to boost employee engagement through your company intranet in 2024. What we'll cover. A good, modern. intranet. is a water cooler, town hall meeting, and workplace manual rolled into one.

Top 15 uses of an intranet (with examples). No matter how you are using your intranet solution, it can do more. Here is our complete list of potential uses of an intranet to improve productivity and communication. Intranet.

Blink named a top intranet choice for 2024 by ClearBox. Blink has been named one of the top intranet software providers for 2024.

How a modern intranet can transform your marketing department. Choosing an intranet for marketing can be difficult. Discover the features you need to boost productivity, connect departments, and lower workload.

Improve employee experience with an optimized intranet (in 6 easy steps). Learn how intranet software can help deliver a better experience throughout the employee lifecycle, helping you improve employee experience. Healthcare. Manufacturing. Hospitality.

A modern intranet helps frontline employees complete tasks quickly and easily. This means productivity for your organization improves. Streamlined workflows.

With robust. analytics. , managers get to know how employees are engaging with the intranet and the organization.

Whether you’re looking for a tech to engage a frontline workforce or a modern intranet that puts your organization’s knowledge at your fingertips, we’re comparing techs that can take your internal communication to the next level.

The Blink modern intranet. Discover how Blink's employee app modernizes the intranet and tears down the silo between the office and frontline. Explore Product

Employee Intranet. New G2 Ttrust badges: High Performer in Employee Intranet Platform Overall. Notable movement: Increased by 10 in the Mid-Market Implementation Index for Employee Intranet in Spring 2024.

CDTA already had a SharePoint intranet, which they’d tried to revamp. This was a tool that they’d been using for several years. But it was old, outdated, and poorly maintained. While a handful of employees chose to use the intranet, many stayed away.

An internal web portal (intranet). Up until recently, the intranet has been a popular way to connect with employees. It’s a website, but only for the people in your organization to stay in touch with company updates and access essential documents.

London-based intranet that will transform your business. We’re Blink - London and Boston based intranet specialists in the business of engaging workforces, reducing employee turnover and increasing productivity.

And Workplace by Meta (launched in 2016) was quick to bring its version of the social intranet to the market. Since then, many organizations have relied on Workplace for. employee engagement. and. internal communication.

Wading through intranet features to find your winner is tough. Find how the two software compare and see if Blink is the right Unily alternative for you. The digital workplace has come a long way in just a few short years.

But for those looking to customize their employee intranet software’s overall function and employee experience, Blink brings more flexibility, with deep integrations with existing apps inside the platform.

Intranet. Full library. Trusted by 300+ frontline organizations. Book demo. What could you and your workforce achieve with Blink? Book a demo of Blink’s employee super-app and join 300+ frontline organizations transforming employee experience. Book demo.

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Easy access to key information and updates via intranets and cloud-based drives. Easy access to key HR processes such as booking time off and downloading paystubs through tools such as. Deel. or. Workday.

Blink and Workplace share many features, but ultimately Workplace by Meta is a communication tool, and Blink’s platform is designed to be used as an all-in-one communications app and intranet replacement. How they’re similar. Employee newsfeed.

Find out how CDTA, a large frontline company, chose and implemented a new intranet solution.

The Employee First Intranet App for Your Workplace. Download our desktop or mobile apps to stay up to date. ElaraCare for Windows. Requires Windows 7 or newer. ElaraCare for Mac. Requires Windows 7 or newer. ElaraCare for your phone or tablet.

The Employee First Intranet App for Your Workplace. Download our desktop or mobile apps to stay up to date. PPGconnect for Windows. Requires Windows 7 or newer. PPGconnect for Mac. Requires 10.10 or newer. PPGconnect for your phone or tablet.

They promise to move your company away from a messy company noticeboard or a clunky old intranet towards a streamlined and more effective style of internal communication. But which tools are worth the investment?

Jaime and Emily have tackled this issue head-on and throughout this session covered: Why their intranet (and other tactics) were no longer fit for purpose. How they ran focus groups to listen to the frontline.

But which of these modern intranet solutions best supports your business to meet its needs and goals? Below, we compare Workvivo and Blink. We look at key features, functionality, and more to help you make an informed decision. What is Blink?

Now, most HR managers. measure engagement. by figuring out the Intranet logins or email opening rate. However, this only gives you a brief insight into the bigger picture. Let us explain this with a practical example.

Email newsletters aren’t well received and outdated intranet sites through the experience down. Keep frontline employees as up-to-date as head office workers using the one thing they’re almost all guaranteed to have: their smartphone.

Unlike email or a traditional intranet, Blink can reach employees no matter where they are. It is a one-stop communications hub, and can be integrated seamlessly with other apps your teams are already using.

With Internal Communications split across emails, existing Sharepoint Intranet and noticeboards, they wanted to know if a smarter approach would deliver a step change. The Solution.

Speak to an intranet specialist for free. How employee mobile apps can boost happiness.

Because your retail staff don’t sit at a computer all day, you probably rely on a mixture of workplace notice boards, word-of-mouth, and maybe a clunky, old intranet. These engagement methods are slow and unreliable.

Blink’s employee engagement app is an internal communications tool that’s more than just a company intranet solution. It can be the backbone of an internal communication strategy that reaches employees in the field and in the office.

Intranet. Blink’s. Hub. serves as a powerful reference where important documents, files, and policies are easy to organize and find through search. In contrast, Search experience to find news and articles tends to be poor in Dynamic Signal.

This means they can’t access the traditional. intranets. that many organizations still use. If you’re anything like thousands of transit and logistics companies up and down the country, you may be experiencing an employee communication gap.

- which replace your employee intranet with a social media style feed - are a great way of consolidating your internal comms with instant messaging, key document storage and general HR self service functions, like shift swapping and leave requests.

While the internet has a vast collection of resources such as blogs, there is also a lot of mud to dig through before you get to the gold. But the good news is that we have mined the best internal communication blogs for you. As they say, “.

Traditionally, this platform used to be an intranet. Large organizations used to spend top dollar building custom branded intranets on the company network that were supposed to reach everyone. The only problem? They didn’t always inspire collaboration.

Employee intranet. Many organizations are moving away from intranet-only software, but it is still important to create a centralized place for updates, company information, and conversations.

They had a clunky intranet that few people used. Posters and digital screens were sometimes ignored. And supervisors spent a lot of time sharing messages 1-2-1.

Microsoft SharePoint. is a knowledge-sharing platform designed around a traditional intranet structure. It helps teams collaborate effectively by letting them share content, applications, and knowledge.

Our panel — Suzie Robinson, Intranet and Internal Comms Consultant, Zach Hausauer, Director of Communications and Culture at Elara Caring, and Simon White, VP People at Blink — shared their insights into what works and what doesn’t for deskless digital engagement

From company-wide status updates to policy changes through the intranet, the all-in-one app makes connecting with your employees simple. Book A Demo Today.

Look beyond the intranet. The. company intranet. may be the traditional forum for company communications, but this type of platform is best suited to top-down news and one-way conversations.

A similar number don’t, or no longer, use their intranet, with two-thirds of those not sure how to log on.

Using an employee app or a mobile employee intranet you can: Give employees intuitive, social-media-style tools. for co-worker communication. Encourage employees to set up interest groups to find like-minded co-workers and plan social activities.

— give software training to a group of employee ambassadors who then support their peers in using your intranet or app.

Both apps place a heavy focus on mobile usability, but Actimo doesn’t offer a newsfeed and is best used as a static intranet. And while Actimo's designed for medium-sized organizations, Blink works best for extra-large enterprises with 25,000+ staff.

You can invest a lot of resources, time and money in building a custom-branded company intranet. But if it’s not meeting your company’s unique needs, it’s not going to boost your bottom line.