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When workplace satisfaction goes up, productivity soars. Invest in an employee experience solution like Blink and create an environment where people want to contribute to your company’s success.

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Creating an experience strategy that works — one that inspires loyalty in your top talent — isn’t easy, but neither is it impossible.

Technology won’t be the answer to every employee engagement challenge, but when it comes to improving the moment-to-moment satisfaction of your workforce, an employee experience platform can go a long way toward helping you reach your goals and win in the marketplace.

Blink makes it easier to give your workforce the tools it needs to succeed, in the office and in the field.

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"Blink has completely revolutionized how we work with our frontline colleagues. By enabling us to communicate freely and efficiently, it’s broken down the barrier between management and the frontline, creating a vibrant and open culture that encourages us all to do our best work. We couldn’t imagine a world without Blink."

John Roxburgh · Head of Operations, Go North West

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How to improve employee experience with Blink

Blink helps transform the the frontline employee experience from day one, improving onboarding efficiency and connecting employees with the people and resources they need to succeed in their roles. Now, your frontline workforce can be efficient, collaborative, and focused to deliver commercial results.

Acknowledge good work, nurture culture, share important company updates, and gather employee feedback, all from one employee experience platform designed for the frontline.

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Frequently asked questions

All your questions about employee communication answered. Email if you have any others.

How easy is it to implement Blink's employee experience tools?

Blink's employee experience tools are designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement. With a range of customizable features, you can customize the platform according to your organization’s needs and preferences.

The software is also highly secure, with a variety of security settings that allow you to control access levels for different employees. And if you get some Blink Champions on board to help promote the new platform, adoption, and implementation for your HR team can be a walk in the park.

What can Blink's employee experience software do?

Blink's employee experience software can help businesses create a digital workplace that facilitates collaboration, engagement, and transparency.

With Blink, you have access to key features such as customizable feeds with curated content relevant to the task at hand, access to real-time performance metrics and feedback for employees, automated onboarding processes with document storage capabilities, and multi-device support so everyone can stay connected on the go.

You can also create custom employee satisfaction surveys to obtain insights into what is working or not working from the employees' perspective, and generate actionable reports that you can use to better understand your team dynamics and improve processes, amongst a number of other features.

What are the benefits of employee experience platforms?

Employee experience platforms can help organizations build a strong company culture, provide employee feedback and employee recognition tools, create meaningful employee surveys, manage the employee lifecycle more effectively, and facilitate performance management, all in one place.

Having an employee experience platform in place makes it easier for companies to ensure that their staff have access to the resources they need and feel supported in their roles, enabling them to perform better and stay engaged with the organization.

This can lead to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, customer service, and ultimately higher profits by encouraging employee engagement over time.