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Top 16 internal communication blogs to follow today

There's no shortage of internal communication blogs to stay updated on the latest trends and insights. Here’s our list of best of the best.
What we'll cover

Improving employee engagement is easier said than done.

You need every advantage and every piece of wisdom that can help, especially regarding workplace communication. 

While the internet has a vast collection of resources such as blogs, there is also a lot of mud to dig through before you get to the gold. But the good news is that we have mined the best internal communication blogs for you. 

As they say, “Smart people learn from experience, but the smartest learn from others’ experiences too.” And the best (free) way to learn from what other IC professionals and companies are doing is to read their blogs. 

That’s why every employee communication blog we have shared below has irresistible insights and research on internal communication for you to stay ahead and abreast with the latest internal communication trends.

So without further delay, let’s dive into our list of workplace communication blogs. 

Best internal communications blogs to follow

1. The institute of internal communication

This institute has been a go-to place for internal communication professionals for over half a century, connecting them with learning programs, conferences, and so on. 

Consequently, you’ll find a variety of insights on its blog, on topics such as visual communication,  AI in the workplace, and developing trust. If you want to cover a wide spectrum of employee communication trends, this blog is for you. 

Must-reads from this blog:

2. Gallagher Communications

image of Gallaghers employee communication blog

Gallagher is an internal communications agency that has worked on 100+ internal communication audits and strategic projects for both small and large companies all over the world. 

The company believes that real workplace communication isn’t about ticking a checklist, but really engaging workers through strong leadership and incentives.

So it blogs on topics such as employee communication, leadership, culture, and pension communications. 

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

3. Alive with Ideas

screenshot of alive workplace blog homepage

Alive with Ideas is an ideas agency helping brands create effective communications.

Its blog covers unique ways to engage and communicate with workers, with topics like change management, intranet, ESN, and more. And it does so with compelling visuals.

The people behind the company practice what they preach and it shows on their blog, with vivid and beautiful infographics and illustrations.

If you prefer a visual learning style, you’re going to love this internal communication blog.

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

4. McCann Synergy

McCann Synergy is an internal communications company focused on improving employee engagement across the entire employee lifecycle.

It does that by creating employee communication that changes behaviors. 

The blog is filled with reports, whitepapers, and best practices on useful topics related to employee engagement and workplace communication.

These include crisis communications, employee experience, and content strategy.

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

5. IC Kollectif

IC Kollectif has been a global accelerator on internal communication since 2017.

And its projects are focused on the strategic role of internal communication.

Its blog features expert insights from not just their own team, but also other progressive communication professionals worldwide.

Topics covered include workplace communication trends, the business value of communication, and change management. 

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

6. Shel Holtz

screenshot of shel holtz communication blog introduction

Shel Holtz has been a thought leader in internal communication for over 40 years.

And his blog posts reflect this depth of experience. 

He writes about topics such as employee communication trends, change management, crisis communication, organizational culture, communication technology, and more.

If you are looking to integrate digital technologies and communication channels into your communication strategy, you should definitely consider this blog.

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

7. Blue Beyond

screenshot of blue beyond consulting blog homepage

Blue Beyond is a consulting firm with expertise in the human side of business. And its impressive client base boasts many Fortune 500 brands.

Through the blog, it aims to share internal communication trends and insights based on real experience and to provide useful resources for both small and large companies.

Main themes include change management, talent management, and workplace culture.

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

8. Brilliant Ink

brilliant ink blog screenshot

Brilliant Ink specializes in designing employee experiences that lead to positive business outcomes and high employee engagement.

Its blog spans a vast selection of topics but remains engaging and relevant with an approachable tone. You will find insights on engagement trends, communication strategies, and so on. 

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

9. Intraskope

Intraskope is penned by Aniisu K Verghese, who has been writing it passionately since 2006.

He writes about employee engagement, workplace communication, crisis communication, and communication strategy.

It started as a platform for both practitioners and academicians and has grown to an 800+ posts strong library of case studies, reports, and interviews.

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

10. Local Wisdom

A screenshot of the blog homepage for local wisdom

Local Wisdom is a digital communications company with expertise spanning UX design, content development, and communication strategy. 

Its blog digs into the power of storytelling to shift internal communication from a reactive to a proactive mindset.

Topics include communication design, communication technology, and so on. 

Must-reads from this blog: 

11. Open Agency

screenshot of internal communications blog from Open Agency

Open Communication is passionate about improving employee engagement through internal communication. It has also garnered many awards over the years, such as from the CIPR and IOIC.

On its blog, the team writes about intranet, employee experience, and employee advocacy. 

Must-reads from this internal communication blog: 

12. Inspiring Change

inspiring change blog homepage

Inspiring Change is an internal comms agency founded on the principle of authenticity.

The company’s founder, Scott McInnes, is also the face of the blog, sharing thoughts on employee communication, leadership, change management, and more. 

Scott's blog posts follow a straightforward, real tone that makes you feel like you’re talking to a no-nonsense comms mentor.

Plus, each topic is short, punchy, and actionable.  

Must-reads from this internal communication blog: 

13. Ragan Communications

Ragan Communications has been training professionals in internal communications, public relations, and social media for over 50 years. 

The Ragan blog is similar to a roundtable, sharing a wide range of unique perspectives on internal communication trends around the world such as podcasting, communicating in midst of political crises, and so on.

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

14. Leader Communicator 

screenshot of your thought partner company blog

The brain behind this blog, David Grossman, is a leadership and communication expert, as well as the founder of The Grossman Group.

David is passionate about leadership communication and publishes articles on a weekly basis. 

Other than that, he also highlights a round-up of the best articles on the web, so you could keep tabs on all the noteworthy internal communication trends. 

Must-reads from this internal communication blog: 

15. The IC Citizen

The IC Citizen is penned by Martin Flegg, an IC expert with more than 20 years of industry experience. His specializations are internal comms, employee engagement, and change communication.

Martin has a knack for sharing strong opinions on debatable topics. You may not agree with everything he writes, but you’ll certainly get fresh perspectives. 

Must-reads from this internal communication blog:

16. Blink Intelligence

Yes, this is us. Blink is one of the pioneers in championing internal communication for frontline workers with a dedicated mobile app. The frontline is the biggest untapped asset in many organizations today, and we’re filling the gap with technology. 

Our blog is beaming with in-depth guidance and actionable strategies to improve your internal communication, employee engagement, and employee retention.

And we’re passionate about transforming companies with valuable content that really moves the needle in the industry.  

Must-reads from this internal communication blog: 

Top 16 internal communication blogs to follow today 

Phew! So that was it. We hope you got a good mix of familiar and new names on our list.

As we said before, the way we collaborate and communicate is changing, and this collection of insightful blogs is the perfect starting point to build your reading list. 

Each of these blogs has been chosen carefully for putting out real gems that help you boost your internal communication practices on a regular basis.

So start following these today to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge internal communication trends. 

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