We're on a mission to connect everyone, so everyone thrives

Welcome to the future. Today. The super-app for work that connects everyone with everything, so anything becomes possible.

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Our mission is to connect everyone, so everyone thrives

We’re already supporting over 300,000 frontline workers, lowering frontline attrition by 25% in many of the organizations we work for.

And we’ve built an app that each user opens an average of 7 times a day, transforming the opportunity for leaders to engage. Connection changes everything.

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Frontline teams have come second to desk-based workers in the digital revolution.

While many attempts have been made, the frontline still live in a world of manual processes and chaotic paperwork, without the tools, processes and information they need to realize their true potential.

This situation damages morale, increasing the gap between leaders and the frontline and negatively affecting the experience organizations provide to their customers.

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The Blink Story

January, 2019

Official launch of Blink, rolling out to 22,000 Stagecoach employees

April, 2019

Blink hits $200k ARR and reaches 35 customers.

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October, 2019

Blink hits $500k ARR, 100 customers, and is now live in 20 countries.

May, 2020

Blink announces $10m investment and launches partnership program.

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January, 2021

Blink opens offices in NYC with initial team of 15 people.

November, 2021

Blink announces $20m Series A funding.

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June, 2022

Blink achieves 100,000 Monthly Active Users

September, 2022

Our executive team and HQ relocates to Boston, MA.

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February, 2023

Blink hits $5m ARR.

July, 2023

Blink launches into new sectors of Manufacturing and Logistics with new customers.

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We have 76 employees across the US, UK and APAC. We work with hundreds of companies around the world, including some of the top multinational global brands.

Trusted by 300+ frontline organizations

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