Engineering a better experience for manufacturing workers

Resolve labor shortages and reverse the trend of disengagement. Blink helps manufacturing firms to cross language barriers, boost productivity and retention, and ensure a happier, safer workplace.

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Digital front door

Tools and resources where employees are

Deskless shouldn’t mean second best. Give frontline manufacturing employees the same quality tooling as elsewhere in the organization, providing access to information and co-workers through Blink’s frontline employee super-app.

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Reinforce health and safety best practice

Reduce time-to-answer for order information

Digitize paper processes to save everybody time

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Employee engagement

Change your workplace culture for good

Combat attrition and labor shortages by engaging employees and connecting them to your business vision and values. Celebrate top achievers and bring the team closer together, no matter what shift pattern they work or role they play.

Engaging social media-style news feeds

Reward discretionary effort and celebrate wins

Unite the business with a shared mission and ethos

Create a welcoming environment to boost diversity

Internal communication

Move all your internal comms to one channel

Traditional internal comms channels don’t work for manufacturing teams. Email newsletters aren’t well received and outdated intranet sites through the experience down.

Keep frontline employees as up-to-date as head office workers using the one thing they’re almost all guaranteed to have: their smartphone.

Critical comms reach everyone, instantly.

Targeted communications and automated posting.

Resolve issues faster with 1:1 and group chats.

Connect employees to management and HR.

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Frontline intelligence

Analytics you can rely on

Blink’s Frontline Intelligence features help you optimize your engagement strategy over time, ensuring the best ROI.

Visualize communication flows company-wide

See the reach and engagement stats of every post

Understand who uses the app most and why

... and do it all while maintaining user privacy

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Real-time translation

100+ languages supported

Blink creates a digital community beyond borders and language barriers. Make your Feed posts accessible across all your sites with intelligent AI translation, and/or set your in-app content to a growing list of languages.

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Customer story: JFE Shoji

Learn how JFE Shoji improved communication with their workforce and increased employee engagement across their organization.

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