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Use Blink’s frontline super-app to deliver an employee experience that creates lasting engagement.

What's the secret to great employee engagement?

We believe that employee engagement isn't something that you 'do', but something that you earn. And the way that you earn it is through delivering a great employee experience day after day.

That's why our app isn't just about engagement and communication, but delivers a transformative way to go to work. Here's how.

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How to deliver engagement with Blink

Most efforts to connect with the frontline fail because they’re not relevant to frontline life. From intranets to paper memos, these initiatives ask for engagement, but they haven’t actually earned it.

Blink’s super-app makes life easier for the frontline, putting everything frontline employees need — from paystubs to scheduling and even critical documents — in one place.

The proof is in the engagement: frontline workers open Blink 7 times a day on average.

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Frequently asked questions

All your questions about employee communication answered. Email if you have any others.

What is the best employee engagement software for the frontline?

At Blink, our employee engagement tool is designed specifically for frontline companies, providing them with the information and inspiration they need to make their day-to-day life easier and more efficient. Our platform includes features such as expert insights and data analytics, company-wide secure channels for communication, employee surveys, real-time engagement analytics, and more.

Plus, all of this is delivered through a single app that gives frontline workers the tools they need to stay engaged and be successful on the job, so it's no surprise that our employee engagement tool is the best option for any company looking to engage its frontline workforce.

[Get started today]( "Request a Demo") to learn more about how Blink can help your frontline thrive.

How can employee engagement software improve employee engagement?

There are a number of features that can be used to your advantage in an employee engagement platform. For example, the Blink employee engagement app provides features such as polls, employee recognition programs, and real-time engagement analytics to help employers better understand their employees.

Through the use of these features, companies, managers, and human resources professionals can begin to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to keep their employees motivated, engaged, and productive - whatever their industry.

Plus, with improved employee engagement comes a better client experience, helping your business or corporation achieve its customer-facing objectives as well as its in-house ones.

Why use employee engagement software?

Not only does employee engagement software enable businesses and management to measure and track employee engagement, but it also provides them with the tools and insights necessary to create more engaged employees.

By using such a platform, businesses can understand what motivates their employees, identify areas for improvement, and develop personalized strategies for keeping employees engaged, boosting productivity, or driving performance in the workplace.

Employee engagement software also helps to foster better relationships between leadership and their teams by providing them with a platform for feedback and two-way communication, driving employee feedback and strong and healthy company culture.

What is employee engagement software?

__Employee engagement software is a technology platform used to measure, track, and improve employee engagement.__

It typically includes features such as employee engagement surveys, polls, recognition programs, goal tracking, and analytics, however, some free employee engagement software tools might not offer such an extensive range of features, so be sure to always check this before making your final choice.

These tools help organizations better understand how their employees feel about their jobs and what they need to do to increase employee engagement, employee retention, and employee satisfaction.