Blink. And your intranet becomes an all-in-one app. 

Blink’s employee engagement app modernizes the intranet and tears down the silo between the office and the frontline. Discover a single, seamless app where communication, collaboration, and information are available anytime, anywhere.

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Replace your aging intranet

When intranets first emerged, they gave organizations a way to store and share information internally. They soon added internal messaging and content management capabilities like forums. But modern enterprises relying on traditional intranets are faced with severe drawbacks, such as:

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Frontline and remote workers can't access the intranet easily, if at all

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Clunky interfaces and search capabilities make finding information difficult for employees

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Difficulty managing and uploading content limits adoption

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A lack of connectivity to other critical business tools

For organizations that turned to an intranet to share and retain knowledge, these limitations hinder those goals and create frustrated employees. While frontline organizations need a way to share information internally, the traditional intranet is no longer up to the task.
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Unleash your workforce with an intranet without limits

It's time to give every employee an intranet experience designed for how they work today, and close the information divide that shuts down communication and collaboration.

With Blink's employee super-app, provide every employee with a modern, mobile-first intranet experience that is both secure and easy to use.

Enhanced accessibility

Ensures employees can access information, tools, and resources anytime, anywhere.

Improved user experience

Mobile-first approach results in a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Instant communication

Push notifications and real-time updates facilitates more effective collaboration

Increased productivity

Save time spent switching between platforms or searching for information.

Better engagement

Leverage personalized content feeds and social networking to enhance employee engagement.

Cost efficiency

Reduce the need for multiple platforms and streamline communication and workflow processes.

Data analytics and insights

Valuable insights into how employees use intranet services to continuously optimize resources and content.

Future readiness

A mobile-first approach positions an organization to easily adopt emerging technologies and adapt future trends.

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"Blink saves me time. Everything becomes so easy!"

Jose Caballero, District Commander · Coastal Medical

How to use Blink as a modern, mobile-friendly intranet experience

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Digital access

Connect your existing tools with Blink to give frontline workers one place to access them all


Single sign-on capabilities keeps things secure while simplifying how many usernames and passwords employees need to manage


A personalized experience means Blink is tailored to the unique needs of your organization and workers


Your dedicated content management system makes collaborating and contributing seamless for every employee

Blink is the digital front door for your employees.

They can access everything they need in one place from the palm of their hands. Blink's unique approach transforms your employees' experience and elevates the tools you already use.

Trusted by 300+ frontline organizations

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Frequently asked questions

All your questions about the intranet answered. Email if you have any others.

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a local, private network that companies use to securely share information. It is not accessible from the internet, and, thus, is typically only designed to support workers in the office. Intranets have come a long way since first being introduced in the 1990s, however still have limitations when it comes to reaching frontline workers.

What is the difference between a traditional intranet and a modern intranet?

Traditional intranets predate the internet as we know it. Though they are a secure and cost-effective way to share knowledge among some staff, they are often hard to navigate and a pain to keep updated. Plus, they typically exclude frontline workers and create a two-tier system of employee engagement. 

Modern intranets are designed to be mobile first and user friendly. They resemble social media platforms more than a database and encourage communication and collaboration. And, most importantly, they are built for frontline workers out in the field. Integrations with critical tools can make the modern intranet a true one-stop-shop experience for employees.

Do frontline workers need access to the company intranet?

Traditional company intranets were designed to keep office workers informed and connected. But frontline workers need access to much of the same information as office workers do, such as internal communications and the employee directory. By choosing a modern intranet that is mobile-first and built for frontline workers, you simplify communication and collaboration across the organization.

What features should a robust, modern intranet have?

If your goal for your modern intranet is employee engagement and productivity, it should have these key traits and features.

1. It should be simple for employees to use. Several features make a modern intranet simple, like a personalized newsfeed, integrations with other key apps, and an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

2. It should be secure. Frontline workers don’t have time to juggle multiple passwords, so single-sign on is key. 

3. It should encourage collaboration. From an employee directory to in-app feedback and chats, a modern intranet needs to empower workers to communicate and create wherever work takes them.

4. A modern intranet should have the in-depth analytics you need to track individual and group engagement with content, helping your organization to constantly improve the employee experience.