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Technology has been shaping retail for years — but it’s yet to reach the frontline. Blink’s mobile-first super-app helps deliver a digital experience to retail’s frontline teams and keep leadership updated with life on the shop floor.

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Digital front door

Connect and empower your people

Retail teams are spread out over several locations. Even if you’re only operating one store, you’re still likely split warehouse from delivery, and shop-floor from head office. Make sure location is never a barrier to the people and resources required to succeed.

Digitize documents so employees actually read them

Provide instant access to promotional and merchandising information

Integrate all your existing tools in one simple dashboard

Organize shifts without emails or phone calls

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Employee engagement

Make employees feel at home, to boost loyalty and retention

Because your retail staff don’t sit at a computer all day, you probably rely on a mixture of workplace notice boards,  word-of-mouth, and maybe a clunky, old intranet. These engagement methods are slow and unreliable. They also do little to build a company culture and bring the team together.

Build culture via engaging social media-style news feeds

Use secure chat to speak with co-workers in real-time

Reward discretionary effort and celebrate wins

Ask for employee feedback to improve their experience

Internal communication

Start a better conversation

Traditional internal communications strategies overlook on-the-ground retail and warehouse workers. Switch to a social media-style super-app that facilitates top-down, bottom-up, and peer-to-peer communication as needed — and meets your employees where they are.

Get critical info to colleagues in real-time

Targeted and automated posts that cut through the noise

Troubleshoot effectively with 1:1 and secure group chats

Share important company-wide updates in real-time

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Frontline intelligence

All-in-one analytics

Blink’s Frontline Intelligence features help you optimize your engagement strategy over time, ensuring the best ROI.

Visualize communication flows company-wide

See the reach and engagement stats of every post

Understand who uses the app most and why

Ask for employee feedback to improve their experience

Recognition in action: Go North West

Go North West uses Blink to make leadership more visible and accessible to the frontline. Leaders began using the Feed on Blink in order to deliver recognition — such as the company’s Driver Awards.

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