The 8 modern intranet features your company needs

A list of modern intranet features your company needs to thrive today. From secure chat to a CMS, make sure your intranet is effective.
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Intranets are changing.

The once clunky, desktop-bound relic has been making a comeback in the era of remote work and mobile design with modern intranet features.

Workers need access to the documentation as they step away from the desk. They require a way to communicate with their coworkers securely. To meet the demands of their growing mobile workforce, companies are taking another look at intranets.

While modern intranet features several quality-of-life improvements and productivity hacks, they aren’t always used to their fullest. A recent survey found 57% of employees saw no point in their company intranet. 

It doesn’t have to be like this. 

Let’s go over the best features a modern intranet design offers and how you can use them to increase engagement and boost productivity.

What does a modern intranet look like?

Important modern intranet features include integrations to tools your workers need.

Modern intranets are mobile.

Instead of the old-fashioned office-bound software of yesterday, we have sleek, multipurpose apps. Workers can benefit from these systems on the frontlines or at a desk.

Despite being more accessible than ever, these intranets are more secure. Each employee can be granted access to only the materials they need. Each person has their feed, showing them the information and updates relevant to them.

The design is simple, and the emphasis is on easy-to-navigate, uncluttered browsing. You want your workers to find the required content quickly, so using the app doesn’t feel like a chore. 

Finally, a modern intranet isn’t just top-down. Employees can communicate with each other and with supervisors. They can generate content, engage with others’ posts, and develop personal connections.

The 8 best modern intranet features

A modern intranet helps you analyze engagement and usage rates.
  • Newsfeed
  • CMS
  • Integrations and micro apps
  • Single sign-on to integrations
  • Employee directory
  • Multi-way conversations
  • Mobile-first
  • Analytics

Modern intranet platforms should help you engage your employees and improve your company’s productivity. Here are the key features of a modern intranet.

1. Newsfeed 

A company-wide feed lets your employees learn about important issues and share achievements with others. You can configure stories to be shared with all workers or only those affected by a problem.

2. CMS

A content management system (CMS) lets workers access the documents and files they need. Workers can easily find the files and even share the files with others.

3. Integrations and micro apps

A modern intranet isn’t an isolated software system. Your intranet should integrate with the apps and programs you use every day. 

You should be able to connect with programs like Microsoft 365 and Slack. 

Besides the integrations, your employees will also benefit from micro-apps. Micro-apps are customized programs that let users request time off or provide anonymous feedback, all from the intranet itself. 

4. Single sign-on to integrations

Juggling multiple passwords can cause huge delays for employees. 60% of workers surveyed reported that passwords prevent them from doing their job. 

Remembering multiple passwords is hard. Single sing-on prevents this issue.

5. Employee directory

Finding the right person to connect with saves time for everyone. With an employee directory, you can find up-to-date contact information for every employee or only the employees you have access to. 

6. Multi-way conversations

Communication should be a two-way street. Instead of a constant flow of information from managers, let your employees provide feedback and chat securely with individuals and groups.

7. Mobile-first content

If your intranet is optimized for desktops only, it’ll only help desked employees. 

Statista expects the mobile workforce in the United States to grow by 15 million between 2020 and 2024. These workers need a mobile-friendly design to work effectively.

8. Analytics

Using analytics, you can check how each post in your feed performs, how engaged your employees are and compare these levels to previous periods. 

You should be able to track individual and group engagement and even see the active periods when your workers use the app.

Final thoughts: 8 modern intranet features your organization needs

A mobile intranet can make a huge difference in how your workers engage. 

Sharing information they need and letting them have a platform to connect with others is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. 

You need a platform your workers can access from anywhere to communicate with coworkers and catch up on the news from the head office.

Blink has all of these features and more. Sign up for a free trial today to see just how big a difference a modern intranet can make for you.

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