Blink. And reconnect with your frontline.

Our employee super-app engages 95% of your employees and reduces employee turnover by 26%.

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Blink. And reconnect with your frontline.

Welcome to the super-app connecting everyone and everything for a better employee experience.

Blink homepage frontline worker collage

Trusted by 300+ businesses across the world

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Why Blink?

Blink bridges the frontline connection gap and gives all employees equal access to the people and processes they need.

Blink’s employee super-app

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Is mobile-first with desktop capabilities

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Removes friction from a frontline employee’s day

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Works on any device — without company email

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Private and compliant in line with industry standards

"Combining so many tools in one app has resolved any employee hesitation around using Blink."

Evan Hyatt · Vice President Marketing & Development

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"Blink made management approachable. It streamlines communication and gives staff the opportunity to talk to us"

Nathan Ward · Performance and Development Manager

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"The value that we’ve gotten is one hundred times greater than the effort we’ve put in."

Ron Haper · CEO & Founder

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"Rolling out an employee app increased the efficacy of internal communications"

George Lilley · Managing Director

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