Blink. And make everything accessible in one shared space.

Introducing your digital front door that connects everybody — and puts everything they need in one place.

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Digital front door

Direct access to everything they need

Blink gives every employee direct access to everything they need — from scheduling and pay stubs to HRIS and benefits — without any need to re-enter passwords.

Doing this supercharges your usage and adoption of your existing systems through your preferred SSO identity provider.

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Digital front door

One unified, personalized experience

Designed for life at the frontline, Blink seamlessly surfaces every app and resource when they need it via an integrated application feed that reflects the identity of your organization.

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Digital front door

Full control over every resource

Blink’s Hub is a dedicated Content Management System for your workforce which gives you everything you need to manage files and create pages — or you can connect Blink with M365/SharePoint to bring in content automatically.

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images of two phones showing the blink app
"Blink is our secure internal comms and collaboration environment - securely integrated with other systems. If Blink drops out, our entire business would virtually come to a halt."

Ben Ponne, CEO, NEO

Trusted by 300+ frontline organizations

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