Bring your hospitality organization together as one united workforce

High staff turnover, tight margins, and instability in service levels put a hospitality business at risk. Use Blink as your all-through-one employee experience solution and turn workforce challenges into opportunities.

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Digital front door

All your people and resources in one place

Do your employees feel lost when they need to access systems, people, or documents? Blink’s employee super-app connects hospitality workers to everyone and everything they need in seconds with seamlessly accessible SSO.

Digitize documents and throw out the 3-ring binder

Streamline tasks like uniform ordering and time-off

See all your apps on one, intuitive dashboard

Fill empty shifts without phone calls (or agency support)

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Employee engagement

Make employees feel at home, to boost loyalty and retention

Blink makes your employees feel seen, heard and appreciated, promoting a sense of connection with your organization and customer base — no matter which location they work from or how infrequently you get to see them in person.

Build culture via engaging social media-style news feeds

Use secure chat to speak with co-workers in real-time

Create community groups that bring people together

Promote career advancement opportunities to ensure a long tenure

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No more lost in translation

No more lost in translation

Are communications through emails and bulletin boards falling flat? Ditch traditional comms that quickly go out-of-date and send important messages straight to a worker’s smartphone.

Critical comms reach everyone, instantly

Targeted and relevant information built to separate signal from noise

Resolve issues faster with 1:1 and group chats

Update staff on menu changes, maintenance info, and customer requests so they’re never caught off-guard

Automatically translate posts to ensure everyone understands the  message

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Frontline intelligence

In-app analytics

Blink’s Frontline Intelligence features help you optimize your engagement strategy over time, ensuring the best ROI.

Visualize communication flows company-wide

See the reach and engagement stats of every post

Understand who uses the app most and why

... and do it all while maintaining user privacy

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Communicating at scale

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