On-demand webinar | Solving the digital divide in a deskless organization

No email addresses for staff? Struggling to reach the frontline? This is an ongoing challenge in many organizations and industries with a deskless workforce.

In our recent webinar, our team sat down with Jaime Kazlo, who was brought into her role as Head of Communications to tackle exactly this, as well as Emily De Vito who, once the solution was launched, ensured optimization and management of the platform to reach and engage their frontline without friction.

Posters, screen blasts, seat drops, you name it, CDTA had tried it. Jaime and Emily have tackled this issue head-on and throughout this session covered:

  • Why their intranet (and other tactics) were no longer fit for purpose
  • How they ran focus groups to listen to the frontline
  • Collaborating with IT was integral to solving the challenge
  • Having launched an employee app, how to ensure its success, 2 years on