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The tools you need to be proactive in creating a frontline experience that keeps the team engaged.

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Retention for frontline workers

In a time when frontline workers are harder than ever to recruit and retain, it's vital that leaders are proactive and innovative in finding new approaches to employee retention.

That means looking beyond the ‘hygiene factors’ of a good employee experience and exploring the ‘motivating factors’ — like recognition and community — that help solve employee retention challenges. Blink’s employee retention solution helps you put data-driven ideas into practice across every touchpoint of the employee experience.

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"Blink made management approachable. It streamlines communication and gives staff the opportunity to talk to us meaning that we get a real feel for what they think."

Nathan Ward · Performance and Development Manager, Stagecoach

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How to achieve employee retention with Blink

Blink is more than employee retention software, an HR toolkit, or a place to store vital data.

It unlocks the ability to create an employee experience that makes the frontline not just satisfied, but motivated.

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Frequently asked questions

All your questions about employee communication answered. Email if you have any others.

What is the best way to track employee retention?

The best way to track and manage employee retention is by using a combination of data-driven approaches and traditional methods. Data-driven strategies include surveys, analytics, and messaging tools from employee retention software. This helps replace Traditional methods such as  informal discussions with staff to get feedback on employee satisfaction levelsBy combining both types of strategy, employers will have a clear understanding of the employee experience, so they can make proactive decisions to ensure their workplace feels supportive and motivating. This will, in turn, help reduce high employee turnover and create a more engaged organizational culture.

What are the benefits of employee retention software?

Employee retention software provides a wide range of benefits, such as improved employee engagement and productivity, increased loyalty, and reduced employee turnover. By gathering data on the employee experience, employers and HR professionals can learn valuable insights that make it easier to create positive outcomes in terms of recruitment and retention.

As an incredibly useful resource for employees and management alike, employee retention tools are too beneficial to ignore. With great software as part of your employee retention strategy, companies can reduce the cost of their recruitment process while having a more motivated workforce that performs better throughout the entire employee life cycle.

What is employee retention software and how does it work?

Employee retention software is a platform that helps employers track or improve engagement levels. It typically offers tools such as surveys, secure messaging, employee recognition software, analytics, and mandatory forms to make sure the frontline experience is engaging and motivating.

It works by providing insights and actionable data that make it easier to address and research any issues or problems with the employee experience, from onboarding business processes through training and professional development opportunities, to exit meetings. Employee retention software helps  reduce turnover, improve employee performance, and create more loyalty among staff.