Connect, engage, and retain your healthcare employees

Poor retention and engagement leads to poor patient care. Blink will help improve the employee experience for healthcare teams and bring stability back to your service.

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Digital front door

Everything’s in one app

The more time healthcare workers spend juggling systems, the less time they have for patients. Blink connects employees to must-have apps, resources, and people in seconds. Everything is available in one digital dashboard — shift schedules to SharePoint, PPE requests to pay stubs — with no additional passwords.

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Easy data integration to any tool

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Digitize the paper processes that slow you down

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Increase adoption of existing tools

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Employee engagement

Reduce staff turnover and increase loyalty

Blink helps build a community among deskless teams. Connect with your employees, learn more about their experience, and recognize their hard work — all in one app.

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Celebrate and retain valuable employees

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Become more attractive to new candidates

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Create an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued

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Gather feedback to improve the employee experience

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Internal communication

Keep employees updated and informed

A healthcare situation can change in seconds. Don’t put patient safety at risk with sluggish communication channels — push critical information to an employee’s personal device via a Chat, Feed, or Hub and put real-time knowledge in the pocket of their scrubs.

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Policies, contacts, and FAQs unified in one Hub

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Send organization-wide updates in seconds

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Target content to specific departments or shifts

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Track key engagement metrics and increase compliance reporting

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100% HIPAA-compliant

Secure sensitive
patient data

Blink supports HIPAA compliancy with banking-level security, so you’ll stay up to date with the latest regulatory and security requirements.

Keep a detailed audit trail of everyone who has 'acknowledged' critical information and ensure your data is safe, secure, and 100% accurate with automated user provisioning.

Frontline intelligence

Monitor engagement vitals

Blink’s Frontline Intelligence features help you optimize your engagement strategy over time, ensuring the best ROI.

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Visualize communication flows company-wide

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See the reach and engagement stats of every post

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Understand who uses the app most and why

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... and do it all while maintaining user privacy

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Customer story: Elara Caring

Learn how one of the largest US-based providers of personal care, home health, and hospice care increased frontline engagement and connected over 30,000 employees.

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