Employee journeys

Deliver personalized content paths to enhance onboarding, training, and other experiences within Blink

A winning employee experience in less time

High turnover rates in frontline roles can make it hard to build a good culture for each new employee. Journeys takes the heavy lifting off HR and Comms teams by automating critical messages and milestones from day one. Journeys can be tailored to unique audiences and set to trigger automatically based on registration date or start date to ensure a consistent onboarding, training, and feedback experience.

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Boost employee happiness and reduce employee churn 

  • Keeping frontline employees in the loop can dramatically improve happiness and retention. Journeys makes it easy to deliver the right message and the right time—directly in the News Feed or as a notification—to ensure employees are getting timely information. Keep the Journeys fresh with Feed posts that can include text, images, documents, videos, Hub links, and surveys.
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Customize Journeys to fit your unique workforce

There are many roads to success, which is why Journeys provides HR and Comms teams the flexibility they need to build the right employee experiences—from onboarding to compliance and collecting feedback to celebrating anniversaries.

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Stay connected from day 1 to 365 - and beyond

  • Journeys can help HR and Comms teams plan and execute strategic employee engagement campaigns to stay close to frontline workers. With built-in rules and automations delivering scalable employee engagement efforts, HR and Comms teams have more time to go above and beyond to build a connected workforce. 
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Trusted by 300+ frontline organizations

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