Employee recognition

Instant, personalized recognition for every employee. Help your Frontline see how much you value them and their contributions while increasing their productivity, engagement, and loyalty.

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Make employees feel valued

Colleague Recognition (aka Kudos) provides an easy way to make your employees feel valued in a meaningful, personalized way. You can mark anything worth remembering, recognizing, or celebrating on the Blink newsfeed in seconds!

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A few simple steps

  • Start by adding the feature to the Blink Hub through the admin portal, and convert it into a quick link.
  • When you want to recognize or appreciate an employee, click or tap ‘colleague recognition.’
  • You’ll see a standard set of awards available which can be customized based on the user's needs: thank you, you’re a star, work anniversary, congratulations...
  • Personalize your recognition with any notes.
  • Then choose the individual or team (or both) that you want to share this with.
  • Preview and send. You can still edit after posting.
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Create a culture of appreciation

Small, meaningful expressions of gratitude throughout your workforce will make a difference. Acknowledgment, recognition, appreciation — spread it today with Blink.

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