Unlock every employee’s voice with an assist from AI

Whether you don't know where to start or you need some help with tone, Blink Assist is here to help you share with confidence.

Improve every post before sending

Use Blink Assist's "Improve my post" feature if you want to refine your Feed Post for frontline workers. Choose the tone you are going for, or let Blink Assist improve your message to better connect with your audience. You can use the revised post or try again if you're not satisfied.

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Don't start from a blank slate

Use Blink Assist's "Write a new post" option to turn your idea into a polished post. Tell Blink Assist what you want to communicate and how you want it to come across. It will generate a post quickly for you to use, edit, or further refine.

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Since you've been gone

During busy times of year, it can be difficult to stay informed. Luckily, Blink Assist can help. Select the posts you want to recap and Blink Assist will summarize them into smaller excerpts to keep you up-to-date.

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The power of AI in the palm of your employee's hands

Blink assist is an Azure OpenAI Service powered by natural language GPT-3 models ready to help create or improve any Blink Feed post. Whether you're using Blink on a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, Blink Assist is just a convenient click away.

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Trusted by 300+ frontline organizations

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