Getting the frontline to respond to surveys has always been painful and slow. Not anymore.

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Why run surveys with Blink?

Frontlines are notoriously hard to collect data from, so here’s how we make it easy:

  • Easy mobile UX. Finally ditch paper surveys and iPads for the device that’s in every worker’s pocket.
  • Protected anonymity. Build trust that makes your frontline open to contributing.
  • Launch continuously. Get more data with short, regular Pulse surveys for higher engagement.

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How it works

  • Select your target audience
  • Choose from a set of back-end questions (or build your own)
  • Launch to the frontline in minutes

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Types of surveys you can run

  • Employee pulse: track changes in real-time by repeating surveys at regular intervals.
  • Employee NPS: identify your frontline advocates and get a reliable metric on the progress of your engagement efforts.
  • Build your own: ask anything you need.
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What can you measure using Blink's surveys?

Morale and engagement

Measure staff motivation and build the right processes to retain your frontline


Better understand the impact of management on the efficiency of your teams


Measure how satisfied your frontline is with their benefits and rewards


Launch surveys to new hires to see how well they’ve been introduced to the business  


Assess the sense of belonging across your teams to improve teamwork

Learning and growth

Understand which initiatives work well to support your frontline in their career progression

Trusted by 300+ frontline organizations

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