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JFE Shoji Power Canada is a division of the multi-national organization JFE holdings. They supply materials and components for electrical equipment.

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How JFE improved communicating with their workforce


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The Challenge: Disconnected workforce due to outdated communications

The North American manufacturing industry faced the challenge of large shortages in the labor market.

JFE relied on word of mouth to communicate with 300+ employees without email. This communication strategy was inefficient and time consuming.

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"Employees are not just a number or wage rate; they are important."

Ron Harper, CEO & President · Shoji Power Canada

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The Solution: Real-time communications

Ron Harper, CEO and President of Shoji Power Canada was on the search for a better solution to communicate accurate and critical information to employees in a timely way.

JFE wanted better channels to funnel all information and an ability to communicate one to one with their operating teams through chat. They needed one central hub for their employees to access all of the company information all in one place.

After launching Blink, JFE managers were able to creatively solve the issue of overtime by using the Feed as a way to start a sweepstakes competition. The winners would get a 50-inch TV and trip to Disneyland, which was a big success. This helped the company introduce a culture of healthy competition and motivation. In addition, JFE used Blink as a fuel subsidy enabler to stop losing employees that lived far away.

"The value that we’ve gotten is one hundred times greater than the effort we’ve put in."

Ron Haper, CEO & President · Shoji Power Canada

The Impact: Better recruitment, employee engagement and safety

As a result, JFE exceeded their recruitment initiatives, kept employees safe with two-way communication and furthered their retention efforts.They were able to take the company from 300 to over 450 employees with better real- time communication on all hiring.

They now had a solution to promote initiatives in both recruiting and retaining staff to make them a more attractive employer to staff and new recruits.

Ron (CEO & President) is now more accessible and “one click away” for all employees to reach out with concerns or issues, which led to increased employee engagement scores (Gallup, 2021) from 55-60% to now over 80%. Finally, 3/4 of their staff connect and log into Blink to get their information each day, using the Hub for key information on safety, production, product quality and client feedback.

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