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How Salutem connected its workforce


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The challenge: lack of connection due to the pandemic

During the pandemic, the health and social care industry was dramatically affected by high levels of stress and low staff morale. Salutem wanted to overcome this challenge by encouraging a sense of connection, supporting and giving a voice to all carers in the organization.

To do so, Salutem used Blink as a way to launch monthly surveys, collect feedback and plan face-to-face group meetings to encourage two-way conversations between managers and staff.

"The team promised us Blink would be really easy to set up... And they were right! The competitors we looked at took months to set up - and required lots of heavy lifting on our part. Not Blink. It was way, way easier than we could possibly have hoped for."

John Godden, CEO · Salutem

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The solution: Salutem Employee Listening Forum, facilitated by Blink

Salutem launched S.E.L.F (Salutem Employee Listening Forum) initiatives to promote this culture across the entire organization. Managers used Blink to nominate SELF Reps using the Feed. Following this, Reps were selected and voted for by the company (using a fair election process).

Each Salutem division had  allocated Reps, responsible for moderating Blink Channels for their regions and following up with their respective teams. Colleagues were then encouraged to share thoughts and open up conversations around concerns or opportunities for growth. Alongside these chats, a SELF Blink chat was created where frontline SELF Reps could connect with other SELF reps from different regions to uncover any major concerns that need immediate action with the Group People Director.

The impact: a connected workforce

SELF group chats were brought to life via in-person leadership meetings where SELF Reps had the opportunity to discuss solutions directly with senior leaders. By doing so, Salutem encourages an open culture where the frontline is part of the solution.

“The SELF meeting was fantastic; it was great to see the other reps from other regions and the senior leadership team" says Neil, SELF, a Rep at Salutem.

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