Introducing Journeys from Blink: Elevate your employee experience from day one

Introducing Journeys from Blink: a powerful new way to meet employee attrition and engagement challenges head-on.

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Blink. And your frontline is set up for success.

Introducing Journeys from Blink: a powerful new way to meet employee attrition and engagement challenges head-on.

Journeys lets you personalize employee interactions at scale. 

Did you know that a third of employees quit within their first 90 days? All that time and effort invested in sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding new team members can so quickly go to waste. That's why it's crucial to equip your business with the right tools to keep employees engaged from the day they join. 

Foster a personal connection with your employees from day one, and you'll gain control over frontline employee engagement — setting you up in the short term to reduce new starter attrition, and in the long run a happier, more engaged workforce. 

What is Journeys?

Journeys is a new way to set up personalized content paths for every employee. Each new Journey helps businesses deliver and scale an engaging employee experience.

It's quick and easy to create Journeys that deliver meaningful interactions with your team.

Businesses using Journeys can:

✅ Boost employee happiness and retention by cultivating a sense of belonging and engagement within their workforce

✅ Personalize for the frontline — effortlessly. With Journeys, delivering personalized experiences to every frontline worker is quick and easy

✅ Streamline onboarding: The entire employee onboarding process is simplified by Journeys, saving valuable time and effort while accelerating employee ramp-up time

✅ Create a winning employee experience: In just a few minutes, you'll have created a tailored sequence of posts that align with your employees' needs

"Journeys has been perfect for giving our new team a great onboarding experience, as well as keeping the whole team reminded of key information such as our handbook and safety protocols. But this only scratches the surface: there are a ton of opportunities here." 

Katie Palmatier, Operations Manager at Lifeline Ambulance Service 

Ways organizations are using Journeys 

Onboarding 👋  
Effortlessly guide new starters through your induction process, welcoming them to Blink, sharing key onboarding documents and tools, and introducing them to key people who will support them in their roles. 

Collecting feedback 💬  
Keep your finger on the pulse throughout your employee lifecycle by linking to forms and surveys. 

Celebrating work milestones 🎉  
Ensure no work anniversary goes overlooked or unrecognized. 

Training and compliance 🎓  
Distribute key policies and learning and development resources, then send timely reminders for employees to act. 

Organizations using Blink Journeys are benefitting from:

  • Time and effort saved in managing people operations
  • Improved employee engagement at scale, leading to better productivity and happiness 
  • Reduced new employee churn, thanks to informative and well-timed onboarding communications 
  • Decreased current employee churn through automated touch points and milestones

What's next?

Ready to transform your employee experience with Journeys and Blink? Reach out to us to learn more about Journeys and how it can elevate your employee experience. Get in touch today. 


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