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Great resource for streamlining internal communication

One standout feature is the 'hub,' which acts as a centralized space for all our staff to access relevant files and documents. What sets Blink apart is its ability to achieve this without the need for costly Microsoft Office accounts, making it a cost-effective solution for our organization.

The Blink team has been incredibly accommodating throughout our journey with the platform. Their support in incorporating separate department feeds onto digital screens has streamlined communication within specific departments and office locations.

In addition, the onboarding process was a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

Terry V.

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Blink is reliable and easy to use!

Blink is what we use for company comms outside of email and we LOVE sharing information about our clients, partners, etc. Being able to search past messages, highlight info to save for later, and upload pics/files is super helpful.

Meghan A.

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Customer service is top notch; application is user friendly

What stands out to me about Blink is the exceptional customer service and the comprehensive range of functions it offers for our off-site staff. What truly impresses me is the organization's dedication to meeting customer needs.

Victoria H

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As engagement manager Blink has changed my ability to easily contact employees

I like the fact it is designed like a social media type site but specifically for employers/employees to always be on the same page to help communication efforts which to date has proven successful!

Justine G

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Excellent platform for many benefits

Blink platform offers employers a dynamic and efficient way to enhance team communication and operational efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of tools, Blink empowers organizations to streamline workflows, foster a culture of transparency and collaboration, and ultimately drive productivity. It's an investment in building a more connected, engaged, and high-performing workplace.

Aaron I

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Blink is an industry game changer for home care integration and communication for team members.

Blink links a workforce together and provides a one stop shop that team members can access to complete their work day. The platform provides not only an outlet for communication and for team member camaraderie but also as a workplace hub. Blink is ultra responsive to feedback and uses suggestions to add enhancement and features to the platform. We would be lost without Blink!

Jamie W.

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