Creating a unified culture across affiliated organizations to drive service excellence

Care Synergy is a network of hospice, palliative care and home-health organizations with 600+ employees across the state of Colorado, USA. It’s a fast-growing network, with an average of 15-20 new field-based team members onboarded every two weeks.

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The challenge

Fast-growing, distributed workforces can lead to disconnected cultures — unless you have systems in place to proactively build your community. This is the challenge that Care Synergy faced. For them, a fractured and inconsistent culture was causing variable patient experiences across all Affiliates.

Communication was a big barrier for Care Synergy. Office-based employees were using email effectively, but mass emails weren’t being picked up by frontline staff. On top of this, each affiliate organization would take its own approach to internal communication, further diluting Care Synergy’s overall organizational culture.  

As a healthcare provider, Care Synergy also had to ensure that field-based clinicians were communicating in a HIPAA-compliant way.  

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The solution

Care Synergy implemented Blink in January 2021, at a time when feeling connected was more important than ever. Blink’s hands-on implementation team got the frontline employee super-app up and running, as well as quickly adding value for Care Synergy.  

Care Synergy employees can now communicate with each other easily from anywhere. They are together, even when they're apart.

Blink’s Feed is used to send timely, consistent updates company-wide based on a content calendar, and employees are encouraged to use and create Chat channels to bring the team together. Care Synergy’s ‘Gratitude’ channel is one of the most popular, used by employees to give kudos and recognition to their co-workers in ways that weren’t possible before.

"Combining so many tools in one app has resolved any employee hesitation around using Blink."

Evan Hyatt · Vice President of Marketing and Development

Better patient experiences

Improvements in communication resulted in workflow improvements and better patient experiences.

Home-health aides and field-based clinicians are provided with easy, uninterrupted access to the documentation they need in their roles — via Quick Links in the Blink Hub.

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Blink Champions

Blink Champions have been impactful in spreading the word about Blink’s value at a peer-to-peer level. These Champions are on-site locally, showing their co-workers how Blink improves the employee experience. It’s a grassroots approach that complements how Care Synergy’s leaders introduce the value of Blink in the onboarding process.

All new employees receive an in-person demonstration of Blink’s capabilities and are even paired up to explore the features, send GIFs, set up Chats, and so on.  

"People in the field, if they didn’t have access to the internet they couldn’t get into our network drives. They were basically out on an ocean without a proper floatation device. Blink allowed us to give them that floatation device."

Kerri Davis · Director of Education

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