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Employee Engagement Summit 2023, April 19, London. The Employee Engagement Summit is Europe's largest employee engagement conference — and it's coming back to London on April 19, 2023. The.

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How To Create an Employee Engagement Strategy. Looking for a place to start in creating your employee engagement strategy? Our 7 step process covers everything you need to consider. The average person will. work 35 hours per week.

How to measure employee engagement with 10 methods. Retaining your frontline workers largely depends on how engaged they are. Blink shows you how to measure employee engagement for your organization. A 2022.

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The truth about employee engagement surveys. Conducting an annual employee engagement survey may be a standard practice, but it’s not your only option. Here’s how to measure how engaged your workers are.

Engaged employees are happier and more productive. Deliver commercial results with employee engagement through Blink. Book demo. Trusted by the fastest growing companies.

When it comes to frontline employee engagement, nothing beats Blink.

How to Conduct Your First Employee Engagement Survey. Ready to conduct your first employee engagement survey? Our guide has everything you’ll need. Read now.

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12 unique ideas to boost remote employee engagement. Looking for remote employee engagement strategies that take your company culture to the next level? Here are our best tips to engage virtual teams.

The complete guide to frontline employee engagement. Yet, no matter how clear the correlation is, it’s not always as clear how to achieve frontline employee engagement. What we'll cover.

Replacing paper checklists and guides with digital solutions can transform your business – and employee engagement too. Measuring the ROI of employee engagement.

16 key drivers of employee engagement in the workplace. What can you do to build a workplace culture that keeps workers inspired? The answer lies in the following drivers of employee engagement. Employee engagement.

9 ways to boost employee engagement in manufacturing organizations.

And start using an employee engagement software that works for everyone. Use Blink’s frontline super-app to deliver an employee experience that creates lasting engagement. What's the secret to great employee engagement?

Employee engagement vs employee experience: what’s the connection? It's less about employee experience vs employee engagement and more about how one leads to the other. Here's why.

5 communication strategies for better employee engagement. Good communication is key to employee engagement. Discover 5 communication strategies that you can leverage to improve employee engagement in the workplace.

8 frontline employee engagement trends for 2023. Driving frontline employee engagement has never been easy - but it's never been more important. Find out the top trends to watch in 2023.

Ignoring the needs of these high-performing employees when you’re. looking at employee engagement activities. ? It can mean unintentionally alienating a big portion of your workforce.

Guide | Frontline employee engagement. The leader’s guide to strong teams in tough times. After working with hundreds of frontline organizations, Blink has created this guide to help leaders prepare for a year that promises both challenge and opportunity.

Guide | The frontline engagement roadmap. a step-by-step guide to driving transformative change.

11 intranet content ideas to boost employee engagement. 11 ideas to boost employee engagement through your company intranet in 2024. What we'll cover. A good, modern. intranet. is a water cooler, town hall meeting, and workplace manual rolled into one.

Employee Engagement. Employee Experience. Internal Communication. Employee Communication. Employee Retention. Intranet. Full library. Trusted by 300+ frontline organizations. Book demo. What could you and your workforce achieve with Blink?

New guide: Frontline Employee Engagement in 2023. Download 'Frontline Employee Engagement in 2023: the leader’s guide to strong teams in tough times' to get a head start in the new year.

Improving employee engagement. is easier said than done. You need every advantage and every piece of wisdom that can help, especially regarding workplace communication.

Here’s what employee experience software can help you to achieve. Enhanced employee engagement. Low employee engagement costs the global economy. $8.8 trillion. , according to Gallup.

On-demand webinar | Driving employee engagement through a super-app. Frontline staff have enough on their plate. To also have them manage multiple different platforms, intranets, and tools undoubtedly drives carers to disengage from their work.

How JFE improved communicating with their workforce. 80%. employee engagement score. 150. more employees hired. 3/4. of staff connect on Blink everyday. The Challenge: Disconnected workforce due to outdated communications.

Employee Engagement: One often forgotten goal of DX efforts in the transportation and logistics sector is to improve employee engagement and happiness, which can have a direct impact on your employee retention and productivity levels.

Join other Blink customers to achieve. 95%. employees reached. 3x. your response rates. 26%. reduction in employee turnover. 5x. adoption of tools with Blink SSO. 7. app opens per day per employee. 9/10. ease rating from employees.

71 Employee Engagement Ideas To Keep Company Culture Alive. Looking for some quick employee engagement ideas to implement and inspire? We've got 71 to do just that. People talk a lot about company culture being dead.

The key role frontline managers can play in employee engagement. Closing the digital divide: how one frontline company achieved comms success with an employee app. CEO perspectives on the UK’s new flexible working law.

As a result, JFE was able to improve their recruitment processes, employee engagement. , satisfaction and, crucially, its. workers’ safety.

Build employee engagement in your construction force. Onsite construction workers are the foundation of your organization’s success. Book Demo. Trusted by the fastest growing companies. Digital front door. Digital tools for deskless employees.

Tools and resources where employees are. Deskless shouldn’t mean second best.

Provide survey and feedback tools to gather insights from employees. Have a specific and designated use case for frontline and deskless workers. Employee Engagement. New G2 trust badges: Leader in Employee Engagement Platform Overall.

We hear this depressingly often in our daily conversations about employee engagement. Most healthcare workers know staff engagement matters. There are. plenty of studies that. show how important it is.

Blink. , the leading employee engagement super-app, today announced the formal launch of. "Blink for Everyone,". a program offering non-profit organizations access to its platform free of charge.

With many contributing factors, employee engagement remains an important part of the solution. Frontline workers are leaving the party. We all know why we’re here.

And unlike traditional intranet solutions, social. intranet software. uses interactive elements to. increase employee engagement. and collaboration in the digital workspace.

Guide | The essential guide to executive buy-in for frontline employee experience. How to think like your C-Suite and lead the way on frontline EX transformation. Employee experience can be a. real. competitive advantage.

A frontline super-app, like Blink, can transform. employee engagement. and the. employee experience. And it can be a real game-changer for HR and people teams.

Blink’s employee engagement app is an internal communications tool that’s more than just a company intranet solution. It can be the backbone of an internal communication strategy that reaches employees in the field and in the office.

Additionally, pulse surveys can help to improve employee engagement and job satisfaction, which can lead to improved retention rates. You can also use tools like Blink’s.

Introducing Journeys from Blink: Elevate your employee experience from day one. Introducing Journeys from Blink: a powerful new way to meet employee attrition and engagement challenges head-on. Blink. And your frontline is set up for success.

Surveys. from Blink: the quick and easy way to gain actionable feedback from your frontline workforce, helping you deliver your best employee experience. Solving a uniquely frontline issue.

FRONTLINE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Beyond buzzwords: using purpose for engagement. Frontline businesses keep the world turning, so you’ve got a strong and compelling company purpose right off the bat.