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Today marks the beginning of a new dawn in digital employee experience. In the next 12 months, 7 million workers will have to transfer from Workplace by Meta to another solution. This represents a fundamental opportunity for us to uplift the experience of 7 million workers, by migrating to a more modern, integrated digital platform for work. A platform that combines communications with broader connectivity to applications, information and workflow.

Workplace by Meta was a great product, but it hasn’t kept up with the developments in recent years as Meta prioritized and moved on to new projects. We’ve already helped many organizations migrate from Workplace to Blink, and they’ve experienced the benefits of our ‘super-app’ and integrated experience. This new approach appeals to all workers in a way ‘social at work’ never did, especially with deskless workers.

As a company, our priority right now is on the 7 million  Workplace users who will be losing access to technology over the next 12 months. Employees apps should never be “just about good enough" technology, they make the experience of being employed a simple and fulfilling one. Whether it’s communicating with peers, finding out news or accessing systems, these products, when built and implemented well, become indispensable to day to day working life, so to have that taken away will no doubt be disruptive for employees and employers alike.

My biggest disappointment in all of this though, is the decision to name a solitary preferred migration partner, which won’t meet the needs of many Workplace customers. Buying technology is a significant event for any business, and takes significant time and effort to choose what is right for you, and your people. So the decision for Meta to direct their users to a single platform on the mistaken assumption that it will meet their operational needs, is quite honestly baffling.  It’s made more baffling by the fact Blink and other vendors already have the proven capabilities to seamlessly migrate Workplace customers. And for many companies, the best solution for them won’t be the ‘default’ one.

One size fits all is never the correct approach in employee technology. You as leaders know your people and company, and likely spend weeks and months picking what you decided was best for you….to then wake up on a Tuesday morning in the middle of May and be told that you’ll be using a new platform next year? It just doesn’t feel right.  As leaders, you deserve the ability to choose what is right for you, and that feels like it’s being taken away. 

My advice to any leaders impacted by the closure of Workplace is to pause and take a look at the alternatives. This is an opportunity to upgrade your digital experience, not simply accept the like for like solution being offered. 

At Blink, we specialize in helping companies reach every worker - especially the hard to reach deskless workforce. Our in house, digital transformation consultants work with customers to ensure a frictionless move from one platform to another, and then partner with you to improve the metrics that matter to you, including engagement, retention and efficiency.

Visit https://www.joinblink.com/workplace today to book a migration consultation with one of our team. We want to give you the power to make the right choice for you and your team.


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