Facilitating team collaboration while protecting client privacy

NEO is an executive leadership development company with the purpose to inspire and empower executive leaders to become a force for good, for themselves, for their business, for society and our planet.

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The Challenge: Team collaboration that protects client privacy

NEO offers executive leadership development services delivered by world-class psychology and business experts.

NEO’s experts are located all over the world, and includes a pool of professional psychologists. As such, they regularly collect and store sensitive private client data. However, coaches and mentors are also extremely collaborative, often sharing templates and frameworks to achieve better results with clients.

NEO was therefore faced with the challenge of trying to facilitate collaboration and best practice sharing amongst a group of distributed workers, whilst protecting client privacy.

The team investigated and tried using a number of tools, including Slack, Basecamp, Asana and even WhatsApp, but found that information became lost or hidden due to the amount of group chats created. Furthermore, the management team was concerned about the lack of private and secure chat functionality.

"Blink is our secure internal comms and collaboration environment - securely integrated with other systems. If Blink drops out, our entire business would virtually come to a halt."

Ben Ponne, CEO · NEO

The Solution: Blink’s secure chats and privacy-compliant Hub

With Blink, NEO was able to provide a collaborative and secure environment for its experts to better work together. Managers were able to quickly add coaches to Teams, Channels, and Hub spaces. This allowed each expert to access the coaching documentation they needed, including forms, schedules, collateral, templates and frameworks.

Blink Teams is a very important feature for NEO because it narrows down access to particular client content, reduces information overload, and increases team efficiency. In using the Blink Hub, one stop-shop allowing employee access to documents, policies and guidelines, the organization could also store sensitive data, while ensuring GDPR-compliance.

“All of this saves time and makes things easier for us”, says CEO Ben Ponne.

"Blink is a vital component in our ecosystem. We have multiple clients and teams working in parallel, and they all work on Blink."

Ben Ponne, CEO · NEO

The impact: Successful collaboration made secure

Thanks to Blink, NEO is able to empower its coaches with the ability to access not just content, but their peers and colleagues - all leading to better practice and more successful client outcomes.

For NEO’s management team, Blink provides the assurance that none of this comes at the expense of clients’ privacy and therefore at risk to the business and its reputation.

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