On-demand webinar | Supercharging culture with technology

Supercharging culture with technology: how The Learning Experience mobilized an initiative to engage their entire frontline workforce.

The Learning Experience (TLE) is the premier provider of early education and childcare services in the United States.  With a workforce of over 9,000 individuals nationwide, fostering true connection, communication, and empowerment across the organization posed a significant challenge especially with their franchise model.  To address this, TLE introduced a company-wide initiative known as “Operation Blue Elephant”, aimed at revolutionizing the way they engage, connect, and support every employee.

In our recent webinar, we were joined by Traci, the Chief People Officer, and Mik, Senior Director of Employer Brand, for an exciting discussion on:

  • The origin story of their groundbreaking, company-wide engagement initiative
  • The critical importance of prioritizing culture and engagement for fast growth
  • The innovative strategies used to launch this initiative nationwide without relying on email addresses
  • The metrics they've used to measure success and what's next in their engagement journey