Engineering a better experience for manufacturing workers

Reach, engage, and connect with your entire frontline manufacturing workforce with the Blink employee super-app.

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Reduce communication barriers and drive engagement within your manufacturing workforce.

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Manufacturing organizations can move from the risk of the status quo to a future reality where all employees are connected to each other, have access to the people and resources they need to perform, and feel seen, heard, and understood by the business.

No email, no problem

Company emails are not required to access and use the app, providing equitable access to all employees.

Real-time translation

All communications are available in 100+ languages, so every message is received and understood.


Understand your workforce and proactively address concerns to boost productivity and maintain service excellence.

Safe work environment

Effective, real-time comms can land in the palm of your worker's hand, bringing them up to speed on the critical messages that matter.

Blink for manufacturing

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Is mobile-first with desktop capabilities

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Removes friction from a frontline employee’s day

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Works on any device — without company email

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Private and compliant in line with industry standards

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Learn how JFE Shoji improved communication with their workforce and increased employee engagement across their organization.

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