On-demand webinar | Beyond email

How turning off employee email can transform the employee experience

Dee Set is a leading retail supplier organization dedicated to supporting major retailers and brands to drive growth, market share and ROI.  

With 95% of their workforce not near an office, there was a reliance - and huge investment - on email addresses. Joe, Head of Activity Planning & Data and Quinton, Group Information Security Officer, were tasked with transforming the employee's engagement experience at Dee Set, optimizing the cost of internal communication and enabling easy access to a large tech stack.

Watch our webinar as they sit down with Blink and discuss:

  • Why their tech infrastructure meant an employee super-app was essential for the employee experience
  • The perceived challenges about how an employee social platform couldn’t deliver results
  • How email became the worst channel for their workforce
  • Their pilot with Workplace by Meta, and why it didn't solve their challenges