Employee spotlight: Marya Stevens

What we'll cover

Hey! I'm Marya, Account Director at Blink. I work with our inbound prospects - which means I engage with folks who are actively searching for a tool like Blink and help them understand why Blink is the best choice for them. For the most part, I’m talking to people throughout the day, showing them the app and educating them on the benefits it could bring. When I’m not doing that, I’m in my email inbox or collaborating with my team.

My background? English Literature Degree at QMUL; after being a nanny for 5 years, I started my teacher training. I quickly realised there’s a big difference between being a nanny and a teacher, and decided to change my career trajectory. So I shifted over to sales and my first sales company was called CAKE (I love cake and that was enough to make me take the job 😂).

I joined Blink during the pandemic because I wanted to sell something that really makes a difference. In the early days of the pandemic, I was working from home and really conscious of how lucky I was. I would see frontline workers continuing with their jobs and keeping society going - Blink’s mission is to empower that oft-forgotten portion of the workforce and that really resonated with me.

Be prepared to challenge yourself and learn lots - we set goals that stretch us and then we achieve them. It’s a satisfying environment to work in!