Request acknowledgement of key information

Mandatory Reads helps you:

  • Ensure key information has been, received, read and understood
  • Create an audit log showing the time and date of receipt
  • Maintain quality and compliance

Persistent in-app reminders and push notifications drive users towards key information ensuring that nothing gets missed.

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Preview documents inline

Upload existing content to Hub and allow your team to access and view your content no matter where they are or what device they are on.

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Create links between pages and external sources

Easily add links to other content stored in Hub or out to websites.

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Keep content engaging and useful

Content Analytics allows administrators to ensure that the content they have created is gaining the engagement they need and that key information is read and understood by everyone that needs to do so.

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Embed videos, images, documents, and more...

No one enjoys having to read a wall of solid text.Draw in your audience and keep them reading by embedding images, videos, and more.

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Blink and there's more

Defined audience

Define which teams you want to have access to each and every page.

Share links

Everything stored in Hub comes with a unique link that can be used to share the content with others on the platform.

Post to Feed

When your content is ready to publish, tell everyone to check it out by posting it to the feed.


Alert those who haven't read something without bothering those that have.


Make sure your team knows about your content even before they've opened Blink.


Want to post from a group rather than an individual? This is how you do it.


Check out a preview of whatever link you click on – before you open it.


Embeds allow you to include Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia videos, maps, sound clips, and more on your page.

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