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Blink speaking session:

Bridging the Gap: How to Reach and Engage your Next Generation of Paramedics and EMTs

Matt O'Brien, VP of Sales at Blink will be joined by Danielle Thomas, COO @ LifeLine Ambulance and Meredith Lambroff-Brown, COO @ Armstrong Ambulance.

As Gen Z continues to enter the world of EMS, it’s no secret that expectations have changed when it comes to company communications and engagement.

The days of paper noticeboards, town halls, and email memos are quickly fading as agencies begin to implement new technologies to better connect with their field employees.

With this change comes a host of concerns regarding content moderation, personal device usage, and union regulations which continue to prevent agencies from stepping out of their comfort zone.

Join us as they discuss practical solutions for overcoming these hurdles and the hugely impactful outcomes on the other side.

Join your colleagues at the American Ambulance Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, and learn why AAA Annual is the highlight of the year in our industry. Build your network as you exchange ideas with fellow ambulance leaders. Gain insight into trends and pitfalls, find innovative vendor solutions, and ask questions of expert speakers. You’ll leave AMBUCON inspired, energized, and ready to take on the challenges of today—and tomorrow.

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